ACM Symposium on Applied Computing Data Mining Track

  • ACM SAC Data Mining Track
  • April 4 - 8, 2016, Pisa, Italy

Welcome to ACM SAC - Data Mining Track

We are pleased to solicit original, unpublished and novel papers for publication and presentation in the 2016 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) Track on Data Mining. Articles describing novel ideas and applications in all areas of data mining are of interest, including the following:

  • New data mining problems and problem formulations
  • Anytime data mining and data mining under defined resource constraints
  • HPC and parallel approaches to data mining
  • Stream mining with a specific focus on unresolved or not well-investigated issues like high-dimensionality, density estimation, process mining, ...
  • Process mining: statistical or physical approaches to process mining, non-standard representations of processes, ...
  • Data mining and causal inference
  • Contributions to a theory of data mining and to the definition of a knowledge discovery process
  • Analysis of complex, multi-layered, dynamically changing networks
  • Visual approaches to data mining
  • New solutions to old problems like outlier detection, feature selection, pre-processing
  • New, relevant, challenging applications areas of data mining
  • Data mining for computational sustainability (renewable energy, logistics, biodegradation, ...)
  • Data mining for the digital humanities
  • Data mining for discrimination discovery
  • Data mining for business analytics

2016 ACM SAC Data Mining Track will be held at Pisa, Italy from April 4-8, 2016. ACM SAC Data Mining has a successful history of accepting quality papers and offering a stimulating platform for the exchange of ideas and dissiminating cutting edge research to the community. The 2016 ACM SAC Data Mining Track is the sixteenth such event in the 30 years of ACM SAC tradition.

The ACM Symposium on Applied Computing is recognized as a primary forum for applied computer scientists and application developers from around the world to interact and present their work. SAC 2016 is sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Applied Computing (SIGAPP) and is presented in cooperation with other ACM Special Interest Groups. For more information on ACM SAC 2016, please visit

All enquiries and questions should be directed to the Track Chairs. Additional details are available on the track home page at

Paper Submission and Publication

Original and unpublished papers are solicited for this track. The file format should be in PDF. The author(s) name(s) and address(es) must not appear in the body of the paper, and self-reference should be in the third person. This is to facilitate double blind review. Only the title should be shown at the first page without the author's information. Papers must be formatted according to the template which is available at the SAC 2016 website at

Paper size is limited to 6 pages according to the above mentioned template, being allowed a maximum of 2 extra pages at the additional cost of 80 USD per extra page. A few key words should be provided. A paper cannot be sent to more than one track. Original manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format via SAC 2016 web site at

All papers will be fully refereed and undergo a double blind review process by at least three referees. The conference proceedings will be published by ACM.

Paper registration is required, allowing the inclusion of the paper, poster, or SRC abstracts in the conference proceedings. An author or a proxy attending SAC MUST present the paper. This is a requirement for including the work in the ACM/IEEE digital library. No-show of registered papers, posters, and SRC abstracts will result in excluding them from the ACM/IEEE digital library.

Poster Publication of Selected Papers: A set of selected papers will be accepted as poster papers by invitation only and will be published as short papers in the symposium proceedings.